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Premium VIP
medical concierge
service in Korea

With us you are safe

Contact us to find the right plastic surgery clinic, medical check-up  or treatment hospital in South Korea. We will help you with plastic surgery, medical treatment, dental, skin care or hair transplantation.

About us

We are the oldest medical tourism agency specified on VIP clients and  accredited by the Korean government. We provide medical tourism and premium concierge services for anyone who decides to get a treatment in Korea.


Premium Medical Tourism provider in South Korea. Plastic Surgeries, Medical Treatments, Skin Care, Dental Care, Hair Transplant. Medihelp will help you!

We are South Korea's No.1 Medical Tourism Provider

step 1

Contact us

You can send us an email or just a simple text on WhatsApp.

step 2

We will reply on same day

On the same day our medical coordinator will reply to you and request all the necessary documents in order to select the best treatment, surgery or medical diagnosis options specific to your case.

step 3



We will consult with various clinics and doctors in Korea in order to find the best solution for your request. Then we will provide you with several treatment options and their pricing accordingly.

step 4

Planning your trip to Korea


Preparation of all necessary documents for registration at the clinic, we will select a comfortable accommodation depending on your preferences, registration on the KETA website, pre-entry of the Q-code.


Medihelp is a total solution provider. Starting from the free consultations before your visit to Korea we will take care of reservations at hospitals, meeting you at the airport and local logistics, assisting you throughout your surgery or medical treatment, and helping you with travelling and shopping while you are in Korea and much more.

Free online consultation

All of our consultations are free of charge.

Personal case manager

For each case we fixate a personal case manager who will assist you 24/7

Reservation & Coordination

We will communicate with the clinics and confirm your schedule


We will help you to get all required medications within Korea


Upon your arrival  to Korea special VIP car will pick you up from the airport

Shopping & Tour

We will assist you with translation for your relaxed shopping and tour in Korea


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