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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I would like to come to Korea for a plastic surgery or medical treatment. What shall I do?
    First send us a request through an email or WhatsApp in any form you prefer, in which you shall indicate your last name, first name, diagnosis or the plastic surgery you would like to have. Then our medical coordinator will reach out to you and request relevant documents. We will consult with various clinics and doctors, and then we will provide you with a consultation results along with pricing.
  • Do I need to quarantine when visiting South Korea?
    Quarantine requirements There is no quarantine requirement for entry to South Korea. Asymptomatic travelers: Individuals who are fully vaccinated (either in Korea or overseas) and show no signs of symptoms (i.e., fever, cough, etc.) during the health screening process and on their Health Questionnaire may proceed to their destination after immigration check. Symptomatic travelers: All travelers: Travelers with symptoms within three days after arrival can get tested for free at a COVID-19 test center or local health clinic. If the test returns positive, travelers must quarantine at their place of residence, the hospital, or a care facility for seven days. It is recommended to take the RAT with a self-testing kit or at a test center on the 6th or 7th day of quarantine. All travelers: Covid-19 Testing and Q-Code. On arrival in South Korea, you need to submit a questionnaire on your health condition. The South Korean government encourages all arrivals to log this information in the Quarantine COVID19 Defence (Q-Code) system prior to travel. Paper-based alternatives can be used instead but may result in a slower arrivals process.
  • Do I need a visa to enter South Korea?
    Click on here to check the visa requirements based on your nationality. Note that South Korea has replaced visa-on-arrival program with an online visa request system called K-ETA. All visitors who were eligible for visa-on-arrival will need to complete an application and receive approval before departing for South Korea. K-ETA eligible nationals, who wish to enter South Korea visa-free, must obtain K-ETA approval before boarding the flight or ship. Please keep in mind that the assessment can take more than 72 hours depending of the situation. You can apply to K-ETA in here.
  • Where will I be staying when in Korea?
    We will help you choose the most suitable option for you, taking into account the proximity to the hospital, the cost and type of hotel. For stays longer than 1 month, an apartment rental option may be considered, and we will help you with that.
  • Will I be provided with an interpreter during my treatment in Korea?
    Yes. We will make sure that you feel comfortable.
  • What kind of payment methods are accepted in Korean hospitals and clinics?
    You can pay either with cash or card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro).
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